Only our Active Escrow solutions, which deal with the technical, legal, and administrative aspects of a professional technology escrow agreement, can fully provide effective business continuity.

ACTIVE ESCROW - The 4 features of our technology escrow:

Legal expertise:

Our in-depth legal experience and knowledge in the field of technology escrow allows us to create a custom agreement that is the best escrow solution, protecting the rights and interests of all parties at minimal costs and expenses.

Technical Verification:

Our technical department verifies the deposited materials to inspect the quality of the contents of the deposit, according to various levels of verification.

Secured vaulting facilities for magnetic media:

Secured vaulting facilities for magnetic media: Our secured climate-controlled vaulting facilities adaptable for magnetic media provides all the protection you need for the long term storage of the escrow materials in a secure environment. Additionally, electronic transmission and encryption is possible for all of our deposits.

Active monitoring for the latest new versions/upgrades:

In order to ensure that the material held in escrow is relevant to your business and up to date, we periodically monitor the Software supplier to ensure that they deliver the latest versions of the product.

Why is Software Escrow Important?

Almost all businesses use software which is critical to their daily operations. While this software is vital to these companies, it also puts these companies at risk. Should the software vendor go out of business or fail to provide maintenance to the product, then the software user’s business continuity will be threatened, because they do not have access to the source code needed to maintain their purchased software. Source code is one of the software vendor’s most valuable and carefully guarded trade secrets, and it is vitally important to keep it confidential and secure. Therefore such software vendors do not disclose it directly to their customers but agree to deposit the source code in escrow.