Escrow Global is here to protect your software investments

As Israel’s first professional escrow provider, Escrow Global takes great pride in being a leading, elite technology and software escrow agent. 

From our founding in 2003, we pioneered the technology escrow market in Israel upgrading the simple passive escrow solutions to Active quality escrow solutions. 

With a professional staff of experts from various fields and member of the International Software Escrow Association (ISEA) providing comprehensive and effective escrow solutions, we ensure that all our clients’ specific needs are met worldwide.

Quality escrow solutions include: 
Our in-house technical team of software and hardware experts use Advanced in-house software verification tools. 
Professional legal and administrative team – hands-on , flexible customized escrow solutions.

Our customers: 
Protecting hundreds of software vendors and end users from Fortune 500 companies worldwide to startups to government agencies and offices. See some our customers.

Our Core Company values:

We are with you when you most need us , ask our clients! 
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Knowing you’re business continuity is protected


Technology escrow requires expertise. At the end of the day, you rely on us for business continuity and to execute escrow agreements properly. Our management is highly involved in every aspect of the arrangement to provide an effective escrow solution.


Our underground, off-site, secure vaults are climate controlled and adaptive to magnetic media. They effectively secure deposits lasting well-over 15 years.


Since new software is developed all the time, we monitor the involved parties to receive the most current updates and new versions of the deposited software.


We have multiple solutions—simple or complex; legal and technical—for many unique transactions. All solutions are tailored for your specific needs and are suitable in a global market.


With an in-house technical department, automated verification tools, and unique methodology and experience, we provide value-added verification solutions.


Our agreements have been drafted and inspected by hundreds of lawyers worldwide and are proven to be effective and comprehensive whether standard or customized. 


Escrow Global services

International Software Escrow Association (ISEA)

Escrow Global is a member of the International Software Escrow Association (ISEA) – a network of world-class escrow service providers from around the world committed to the highest and strictest standards of technology escrow.

As a member of ISEA, we are enabled to create cross-border platforms for international escrow transactions— with choice of vaulting and verification in various countries.

In addition, we are up to date on the latest changes and trends in the technology escrow industry— we are the first to know, and we will pass this information on to you.

Compliance to Israel Innovation Authority Regulations

Escrow Global escrow agreements are compliant to the Innovation Authority’s guidelines and regulations to provide all parties involved a smooth and effective escrow solution.